Friday, 11 February 2011

Maybelline Colour Sensational Cream Gloss Review

This came with the Great Lash Masacara :) The first thing that got me about this gloss was the smell! It has a really nice fruity scent to it - mainly orange I've heard ;) I picked out the colour Cashmere Rose which is a pretty pink loads of little shimmery bits in it. The pigmentation isn't too overwhelming which is quite nice and it isn't sticky at all. It's very moisturising as the formula has a creamy texture and is quite long-lasting. It looks really natural when on the lips and catches the light to make lips look fuller and moisturised. The packaging is really simple and sleek without being too flashy.
I defifnitely recommend this :)


    passo per un saluto!Mi piace il tuo blog e ti seguo volentieri...
    se ricambiassi mi farebbe piacere..le porte dalle mie parti sono sempre aperte! <3

  2. I signed up, returns the entry if you want!

  3. wow, I love these ones. I have red one, and it's really nice and pigmented