Thursday, 20 January 2011

E.L.F Plumping Lip Glaze Review

Where do I start with this?!

Right! First things first, I ordered two of these lip glazes, Peach Passion and Champagne. They look like this...

Peach Passion


So there I am, waiting for nice coral-ly and yellow lip glosses, and guess what turns up?!!



Plum Pout

"What?!" I hear you say. Well, that's what I thought. These colours look NOTHING like the ones I originally ordered. I didn't really mind that Peach Passion didn't show up, but, I was really disappointed that I didn't get Champagne! However, I noticed that Plum Pout was in the packaging of Champagne. Ah ha! Detective Daisy cracked the case :) I emailed E.L.F explaining my 'situation' and they sent me a replacement. BUT, they sent me Plum Pout AGAIN! Once again, I emailed them and they confirmed that there was a packaging mix up and sent me another replacement. So I'm thinking that they have resolved the problem and I'm FINALLY going to get the Champagne lip glaze. WRONG!! Yep, they sent me Plum Pout again! I didn't even bother telling them that they sent me the wrong one, so I'm probably going to end up giving them to my friends as presents.

ANYWAYS...lets get to the review...

What they say:

"Forget costly Collagen injections, or those painfully stinging glosses, stimulate your senses to a refreshed full perfect pout with E.L.F plumping lip glaze! E.L.F proudly presents a revolutionary lip plumper, infusing natural ingredients that awaken your senses for fresh, volume enhanced, and moisturized lips. This dual sided Plumping Lip Glaze has a tinted colour for a subtle plump or a clear gloss that power plumps your lips, use together and instantly feel the lip enlarging effects!"

Plum Pout

I must say that I do like the sheer plum colour of this glaze. I find that it goes quite well with my skin tone (fair-ish). The plumping end is methanol, like many other plumpers, and it is kind of refreshing when you put it on your lips :) Also, the consistency makes my lips look smooth and moisturized - me likey ;)

Howver, it doesn't do much plumping at all. The white end does make your lips tingle for a while but it doesn't make a difference when you look at your lips.


This is a nice pink colour that has some goldish glitter in it. It really isn't pigmented at all and just about gives off a sheer colour.

Once again, it doesn't do much plumping but does tingle! I can't really say much more because both of these glazes are pretty much the same, apart from the colour!

The packaging looks cheap! It looks like there is quite a bit in each end - but there isn't! The applicators are hard and don't really have much 'padding' to them. They were only £1.50 each so I suppose that they are 'all right' :)



  1. I really like oasis! I'm sorry about all those mixups, but atleast not you have some presents to give to your friends! haha Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Jay

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