Friday, 14 January 2011

E.L.F Natural Radiance Blusher

I ordered two blushes, Glow and Innocence. They were both £1.50 from the normal line :)

What they say:
"Exquisite, delicate, pigment that makes cheeks radiant combined with a healthy-looking glow. Infused with texturizing agents, skin feels smooth and pores are minimized."


This blush is orangey-pink with gold shimmer so it could be used a highlight shade. I think that it would be better if it was matte as the actual colour of it is very nice :) It is soft to the touch and blends very easily.

The packaging is cheap looking and the tin that the blush is in is very small. This makes it very hard to use a big brush with the blush. (That was a mouthful!)


Once again, I'm not a big fan of the packaging. The size of it makes it difficult to get an even amount of product on a brush. Also, the lid can be a bit fiddly sometimes :s

Otherwise, I thought the product was nice, it's not terrible and it's not great. However, I would't say that it was a waste of money. The colour is VERY light and not really that pigmented, so it barely shows up on my skin. It does give off quite a subtle sheen, but I think it looks rather pretty :)

You can't really go wrong with this colour because it is so easy to blend and you can' really apply 'too much'. I think that this colour would work better as a face powder seeing as the colour is so sheer.

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